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The Forgotten Realms
People of Forgottem Realms
Races of Faerun


He is the councilman from Termalaine. He willingly sacrifices his life to fend off the raiding goblins, so that the refugees could make it to Bryn Shander before the goblins. The last they see of him is when he waves to them from his horse just before going back into the sea of goblins.

She guards the mask that Drizzt needs in order to walk the world freely, and she's not giving it up without a fight.

Akar Kessell
The bumbling apprentice to Morkai the Red. After being tricked into killing Morkai, he was dumped into a big hole in the Icewind Dale. There he found the Crystal Shard, and with it's power he tried to take over Ten-Towns. He, with the power of the Shard, took over the goblins and giants of the Dale. He even persuaded the barbarians, which had been scattered after the war, to join him. When he linked up with Errtu, he thought that the world was his. He never expected Drizzt Do'Urden to be waiting though.

Alton Devir
After the Faceless One is killed, Masoj hands him a bottle of acid and tells him he must be the new Faceless One. Alton uses this disguise to find out which house has killed his family. When he leans, he tries to kill the new wepon master, Drizzt.

Artemis Entreri

He is the exact replica of Drizzt Do'Urden, but only in fighting. In emotions, though, he is the exact opposite. When he finds out that Drizzt might be his equal, he will not stop until he has proven that he is better.


Berkthgar the Bold
The barbarian leader at Settlestone. Great at fighting, but not at making friends with any who are not barbarian. His sword Bankenfuere became almost as popular as Aegis-fang.

He is and elf from Silvermoon that comes over to help in the fighting against the drow.

Belwar Dissengulp (Most Honored Burrow-Warden)
With his short frame and his love for gems, this little guy is a svirfneblin. But he is not just any svirfneblin. Because of a drow raid, Dinin, Drizzt's brother, cut off his arms. He was the only one of the miners that made it back. He was then given two powerful weapons to use as hands, a pickaxe on one, a hammer on the other (both engraved with spells to make them stronger. He took Drizzt in from out of the Underdark and into his own home. He taught Drizzt how to speak his language, and gave Drizzt something he truly needed at this time. Friendship.

Bruenor Battlehammer

A rock solid dwarf, though under his tough frame is a caring heart, but you couldn't tell him that though: he'd deny it to the grave. At first, Bruenor didn't want to be friendly to Drizzt, but thanks to Cattie-brie, He saw how wonderful Drizzt is. With his rock thick stubbornness, he made sure that his adopted daughter, and his "adopted" son Wulfgar were brought up well. Drizzt saved Bruenor more than a handful of times when the wild dwarf was in over his head, but there were probably twice as many times that Bruenor saved Drizzt from meeting his end.

Buster Bracer
He makes the finest armor in all of Mithril Hall.

Berg'inyon Baenre
He is the youngest son in the Baenre House. He is Drizzt's rival in the academy, and never once beats him. Later, when Drizzt comes back to the Underdark, Berg'inyon helps his brother Dantrag in fighting Drizzt. But after Dantrag looses, Berg'inyon desides that it is best for him to become the wepon master of his house, not die along with his brother at the hands of Drizzt.

A nasty glabrezu that helps Errtu keep the rest of the group busy so that he can get Drizzt.

Bladen'Kerst Baenre
She is the sick and all around nasty Baenre daughter. She joins her mother in the raid to Mithril hall, and never makes it back.

Brister Fendlestick
He is a human wizard that lives deep in the Underdark. He is the one who changes Clacker from a pech to a Hook Horror.

Briza Do'Urden
She is the eldest daughter of Matron Malice, and the brute enforcer.

A barbarian and King of the Tribe of the Wolf. He helps in leading the barbarians on their warpath through Ten-Towns.

A big frost Giant that helped in the second raid on Ten-Towns.

He was the champion bully at the Tavern Mermaid's Arms... which coincidentally, Wulfgar and Drizzt are no longer allowed in. Due to a small fight with this man and his posy.


Bok is a Golem, created by Dendybar, his only assignment is to find Drizzt, kill those with him, and bring Drizzt back to Dendybar. Other than those ideas, it possesses no other thought.



Caddely the Priest. He is from the Edificant Library, and has been given the gods power, and does it's will. He creates the first huge cathedral. He calls forth the spirits to find out who is after Drizzt.

The leader of the white worgs, that try to get rid of Montolio DeBrouchee.

The Crystal Shard. With it's power of convincing even the strongest of wills, this evil artifact becomes buried under the snow from Kelvin's Cairn during the defeat of Kessell, only to be found by Errtu.

Cattie-brie Battlehammer

The orphaned human girl was brought up around the likes of dwarves. With Bruenor posing as a Father, she in turn became just as rock hard and stubborn. She learns to fight from the training of Drizzt, and has become almost just as fast and stealthy as her teacher. She was given Taulmaril the Heartseeker that shoots silver arrows from a bottomless quiver and uses this powerful weapon perfectly. After the fight down in the Underdark when Drizzt defeated Dantrag Baenre, the Magnificent sword, Khazid'hea (Cutter) was given to her. At first this sword took over Cattie-brie, but after it cuts Guenhwyvar's statue in half, It becomes one with her and the sword works in harmony with Cattie instead of them trying to control one another. She was the only one who believed in Drizzt when he first came to Ten-Towns and because of that, she became his dearest and most understanding friend. She has been through a lot with Drizzt and has even gone as far as following him into the Underdark.

Captain Bumpo Thunderpuncher
He is the captain of the dwarven boat Bottom Feeder. He takes Drizzt and his friends down the river that goes to Cadderly.

He's the Spokesman for Bryn Shander. He is the first diplomat of any city to allow Drizzt to stay near their city. He gives him a cave on the far side of the mountain to where he is welcomed, and that was all Drizzt needed since it was more than any other city would give to the Ranger.

He is the dwarf cleric of Mithril Hall.

Captain Deudermont
He is the captain of the Sea Sprite. Gave the adventurers passage to Calimport to save Regis. He found out half way that Drizzt was a dark elf and spoke for the entire crew when he welcomed Drizzt to stay, and said that whenever Drizzt needed help that he would be there. And he is when Drizzt and Cattie-brie decide to explore the realms, as well as the sea.

Captain Vaines
He is the captain of the Quester. Gave the adventurers passage on their way to destroy the Crystal Shard when they couldn't get Deudermont.

Pechs are a small race that communicate with the earth better than any other race. This particular one ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. A wizard by the name of Brister Fendlestick transformed this Pech into a hook horror. This is how Drizzt and Belwar meet it. They almost kill Clacker, but then they realize what it really is, and they try to help him. They name it Clacker, because of the habit that it has of tapping on the rock to try and talk to it like it did when it was a Pech. The transformation slowly tries to take over its mind, and ever so often, it thinks it is the hook horror, and tries to attack Drizzt and Belwar. Thanks to Clacker's mind being so unorthodox, he is the key player in the escape of the three from the illithids. Clacker is fortunately killed by the spirit-wraith Zaknafein. This is fortunate because just before Clacker dies, it changes back into a Pech and its torment is finally is ended.


She is a monk at the Edificant Library, and she helps out with Cattie-brie when Drizzt is with Cadderly.

Dantrag Baenre
He was the weapon master of House Baenre. When Drizzt came down and escaped from Menzoberranzan, Dantrag caught up to them in a tunnel. Dantrag thought he was better than Drizzt because of some magical bracers that he wore on his wrist. Drizzt proved that he was wrong, and then Berg'inyon became weapon master.

A wizard known as "the mottled" who tries to kill Drizzt because he thinks that Drizzt has the Crystal Shard. Therefor, he creates Bok, and sends Sydney and Bok to go and retrieve this Drizzt...

Dinin Do'Urden
Drizzt's older brother. Dinin kills his the first born brother, Nalfein, on the night that Drizzt was born. This in turn saves Drizzt's life. When Drizzt realizes what an evil race his people are and runs into the Underdark to live, Dinin is sent to retrieve him. When Dinin finds Drizzt, however, he is so scared at how Drizzt is that he never wants to fight him again. However, when his own sister Vierna has to hunt down Drizzt in order to restore the lost family honor, he is forced to fight him again. Only this time, not as himself, but as a drider.

Donat Thunderpuncher
He is Bumpo's brother. He helps run the Bottom Feeder

Drizzt Do'Urden

Pronounced: Dritst NOT Drizzit (So many people get that wrong)
Last son of (fallen) House Do'Urden in Menzoberranzan. Drizzt is a Drow (Dark elf), but unlike his people he is not evil. Drizzt has forsaken the evil ways of his people, he escaped from the subterranean caverns deep beneath the surface know as the Underdark and from his native city Menzoberranzan from where he came to the Forgotten Realms surface world. Drizzt found his true home at the surface and decided to stay. He became a ranger of Mielikki. Drizzt is a true hero and a great companion, with his whirring silver blades, he is perhaps the best swordsmaster in all the Forgotten Realms. Drizzt dual wields two scimitars "Twinkle" and "Icingdeath". Drizzt also carries an onyx figurine/statuette in the shape of a panther. When he whispers the panther's name "Guenhwyvar", a mist forms around the figurine and the great panther appears before Drizzt in his plane (The Material plane). Guenhwyvar can only stay on Drizzt's plane for up to three times per week, for a total of 24 hours altogether during that time. Guenhwyvar then returns back to it's own plane (The Astral plane) where it recuperates.

He is the Benedict Arnold of Ten-Towns, and a traitor as well. He tells The raiding barbarians all about the defenses of Ten-Towns.

A halfling thief in Calimport that helps Entreri. Mostly out of fear of his life.

An devilish little imp that just likes to create problems.


A great Tanar'ri Balor. Drizzt defeated him, but that only banished him to the Abyss. He received a present from Lloth that he used to get out, only to fight Drizzt once again.


One of Dendybar's wizards.

El-Viddinvelp - Methil
He is an evil mind flayer that gives Drizzt way too many problems.


Fender Mallot
This is one of Bruenor's clan. He tries to save Cattie-brie from Artemis, but doesn't.


He is a deep gnome that deals with Jaraxel, to find out information on the drow.

Fredegar Rockcrusher
He is a very fashion conscious dwarf who takes care of whatever Lady Alustria needs. He was along with the first group of humans who chased after Drizzt when Drizzt first came to the surface. He also leads Cattie-brie to the entrance the Underdark.



Errtu sends him with a sapphire that removes all magic.

He is the orcan king that leads the raid on Montolio De Brouchee.

Gandalug Battlehammer
He is the patron of clan Battlehammer. He was trapped by Matron Baenre, but finally escapes to help out the others, and then become King once more.

General Dagnabit
He is Bruenor's General at Mithril Hall. He comes up with most of the battle plans, and executes them as well.

He, as well as Fender Mallot, is one of Bruenor's clan. He also tries to save Cattie-brie from Artemis, but doesn't.


Drizzt's most faithful compainion, is the feline Guenhwyvar. This cat is not just any cat, she is a magical being from the astral plane. She was created when Anders Beltgarden wanted to make a figurine like the one his mentor had, on one of a panther. He had a craftsdwarf make a figurine and was going to give it to his good friend Josidiah Starym. Josidiah refused the offer because of the cruelty of having to kill such a magnificent beast to have its soul trapped and inslaved. Just as Anders was about to do the killing, his ranger heart came through and he couldn't do it. He instead let the cat go. As he did, he noticed that Josidiah was in trouble and went to help. Apparently, so did the panther. She jumped right in on top of a giant, and began raking and biting. Anders made quick work of one, and Josidiah took out the other one. Old Whiskers (that is what Anders called her) killed the giant, but not after the giant broke her back. Now that she was going to die, they tried to get her back to Ander's place with the use of an extra-dimensional blanket. Once there, as they were trying to take her out of the blanket, but realized that she was taking her last breath. Anders started to put her spirit into the figurine. When he got to the name, he went to call her Whiskers, but Josidiah said no, he named her the elven word for shadows. As he said the name out loud, he realized that that was her name, and she disappeared with the blanket into mist. Then when he called her back from the figurine, she was already starting to heal, and because of the blanket (Anders believed) she was able to be on the material plane along with the figurine. (This is odd because the animal is supposed to form out of the figurine, not just appear near it) Josidiah decided to take her after all, and probably had her for his entire life. When he died, (this is just my guess) the figurine was sold around, or stolen or something, and eventually ended up in a denizen from a lower planes hands, and then was given to Masoj Hun'ett's hands. From their it was taken from him by the Faceless One, taken back after the faceless one was killed. And then Guenhwyvar, with the help of Drizzt, freed herself from the drawl of the magic to obey her master. Drizzt then killed Masoj, and took Guenhwyvar for himself. And Guenhwyvar has been happier ever since.

The goblin leader that Vierna takes along with her to attack Drizzt.

Gelroos Sinafay - the Faceless One
The original Faceless One. He makes a deal with Dinin Do'Urden to kill Alton Devir. His plans go wrong though when the Faceless One's apprentice, Masoj, kills him before he can kill Alton.


The Harpell's
This family of wizards are always coming up with new spells, They love to help and promise to always be there for Drizzt and his crew.

Bella don DelRoy Harpell
She is a female Harpell that comes to Mithril Hall to help in the fighting.

Bidderdoo Harpell

He accidentally turned himself into the Harpell family dog, and then just recently, was finally changed back. He still kept some of the mannerisms though, and even somehow turns himself into a silver werewolf.

Chardin Harpell

He is Obsessed with the field of invisibility. He put it there, but he just can't figure out how it works.

Delroy Harpell

The "main man" Harpell. He is the wisest Harpell in the mansion, and help Bruenor in finding Mithril Hall.

Harkle Harpell

He is the first to greet the group nicely when they first meet. He finally gets The spell, fog or fate, working. It sends him to the most important event that will happen. It leads him to Drizzt again, and it also writes history. But he is very forgetful...

Malchor Harpell

He watches over the Tower of Twilight. The Tower of Twilight, is a magical tower that only appears when the stars are out. He helps Drizzt and Wulfgar on their chase after Regis. He gave Drizzt Twinkle, and tells them how they might acquire a mask of hiding.

Regweld Harpell

He is the "Grumpy" Harpell that the band looking for Bruenor's homeland meet first. He finally gets his Puddlejumper (frog and a horse combined together) to turn out right.

A barbarian and King of the Tribe of the Bear. He helps in leading the barbarians on their warpath through Ten-Towns.

He is a barbarian who is the King of the Tribe of the Elk, the strongest tribe of the barbarians. He gets sliced up by Drizzt, and still lives... well, until the right of challenge by Wulfgar.


A very old Red Dragon that with the color of his eyes, Drizzt tricks into letting him pass.


He is a rock solid dwarf that lives with Cadderly, and helps with the cleaning up of the Edificant Library.

Ingeloakastimizilian - Icing Death
A white dragon that was so hooked on keeping it's treasure, it completely didn't notice that the ice had formed so thick around it's layer that it couldn't get out. After Drizzt and Wulfgar got there, though, it didn't have a need to...



Jarlaxle is a drow, a "Dark elf". Jarlaxle is a renegade drow and very unique in appearance. He has shaved his head and wears multicoloured clothes. He has a many lethal tricks up his sleeves and pant legs and hat and....well, you get the point. This combined with the peculiar magical nature of his apparel and the fact that Jarlaxle isn't the sort of person you want to cross makes sure he never gets criticized for his dress sense. He also wears a big hat with a large feather in it, and he wears an eye patch over one eye (although he has two perfectly good eyes) which guards him against the psychic powers of people trying to kill him. He switches it from eye to eye, to confuse people.
Jarlaxle is a leader of the biggest mercenary network in Menzoberranzan. He has spies everywhere. Feuding houses hire him and he proceeds to play one off against the other. Jarlaxle always makes a profit. No matter who loses, Jarlaxle always wins. In the chaos of Menzoberranzan (which he helps maintain) Jarlaxle is the one person who escapes unscathed from every encounter. And no one knows who he is. He is also an excellent swordsman - but he never fights. He's an excellent knife-thrower and he never misses.
He speaks many languages fluently e.g. "surface" language, svirfnebli, although with an accent.

He is one of the dwarven priest of Mithril Hall.


He is a giant that comes to the call of the Crenshinibon.


An elf that follows Drizzt after he first comes up to the surface. He helps Drizzt by leaving firewood for him during the first winter that Drizzt is up there.

He is a young barbarian that, after hearing about the legendary Wulfgar, takes his Hammer, Aegis-fang, steals it, and tries to follow Drizzt and his crew.

He is one of the deep gnome burrow wardens that notices the dead Goblins in the caves.

Khelbun Arunsun
He is a wizard who Malchor Harpell asked to be a guide for Drizzt and Wulfgar through Waterdeep.

He is the younger of the two barghest whelps. They kill a group of farmers and try to blame it on Drizzt.

He went to the Academy the same time Drizzt did. He betrayed Drizzt within the first couple of minutes of the yearly melee game.

Kimmuriel Oblodra
He is a psionist that works with Jarlaxle.


Pasha Pook's wizard. He has a magical mirror and wand that allows him to send people to the plane of Taros, known as the Taros Hoop.

She is the goddess of the drow. She is the reason that all of the drow from Menzoberranzan try to go after and kill Drizzt. She also gives Errtu the leverage enough to escape from his imprisonment.

Lady Alustriel

She becomes friends with Drizzt and envies his and Cattie-brie's lives. She is the controller of Silverymoon, though she wishes to get out in the fighting. She becomes great friends with Drizzt and helps him in any way she can, whether it is magical gifts or support for when Drizzt is feeling down.

He is a hill Giant that tries to kill Drizzt and the group that is following him.


A Duergar that unwittingly crosses the path of Drizzt and Entreri.

"Mooshie" Montolio
This blind old man could shoot an arrow better that any with the help from his owl friend Hooter. He found Drizzt and helped him when the orcs attacked him. He took Drizzt under his wing and taught Drizzt all about the surface; its languages, its good and bad races, the names of the trees, and the names of the animals. He gave Drizzt a god to follow, Mielikki the name given to his heart.

Masoj Hun'ett
He started out being a cleaning steward for the Faceless One. Then as the Faceless One was about to kill Alton DeVir, Masoj killed him. Masoj took back his panther figurine, which was Guenhwyvar, and then eventually tried to use her to kill Drizzt.

Matron Baenre
She is the ruler of all of Menzoberranzan, and is rumored to be over one thousand years old. She attempts to take Menzoberranzan to the surface and destroy all whom cross her path.

Matron Malice

Drizzt Do'Urden's mother. She has lead the House Do'Urden up in ranks to attempt to be the eighth ruling house in Menzoberranzan. But she doesn't plan on having a son like Drizzt, and him setting all of her plans into a big loop.


He is a goblin lackey for the two barghest whelps that are trying to take over a small village.


Old Night
He lives in the Herold's Holdfast. He helps Bruenor in finding Mithril Hall with his vast libraries.

He gets passage to Calimport for Drizzt and Wulfgar when they are waiting in Waterdeep to get Regis.


He is Ivan's brother. He is the first and only Druid dwarf. He has all the powers of the druids, but he still has the rock hardness of a dwarf.

He is a deep gnome that plays with Drizzt when he runs away from Menzoberranzan.

Pasha Pook
An evil Guild leader that Regis stole a small ruby from. This action though caused Pasha to send Entreri to retrieve his lost jewel.

He is a pirate that almost fully stops Drizzt and Wulfgar from making it down south. But thanks to the superior fighting skills of the two, Pinochet is not only stopped, but also captured.


Quenthel Baenre
She is the another Baenre daughter, that joins her mother on the Raid to Mithril Hall. She tries to get away, but thatnks to his magical bracers, Drizzt catches her.

Quipper Fishquisher
He one of the oar-pullers on the Bottom Feeder.


Regis (A.K.A Rumblebelly)

This fuzzy toed little Halfling started out in the hot sun of Calimport as a high-ranking thief who took a prized hypnotic ruby pendant from the Guild Master, Pasha Pook. He escaped and went through almost every single town trying to avoid Artemis Entreri. He finally finds Ten-Towns and escapes Entreri's pursuit...for a little while. There he becomes Drizzt's friend after learning viewing the perfect fighting style of Drizzt Do'Urden, and also becomes friends with Bruenor; figuring to surround himself with good fighters. Then as he came to know Drizzt, he found that they were more than just good "bodyguards," but the truest friends anyone could have. This Halfling is unlike most other halflings, because when he's trapped and has no where to run, he always comes out on top.

The leader of the wererats thinks that he and his army is enough to stop Drizzt and his friends...

Roddy McGristle
He is a nasty backwoodsman that takes up the hunt of Drizzt, and then continues it even after they determain that Drizzt not only was innocent, but also killed the real murderers.

He is a barbarian that was Wulfgar's main people in the tribe. He tells stories of the famous Wulfgar.

He is the wizard on the Sea Sprite. He and Harkle try to get a rivalry going on better spells.

Rai'gy Bondalek
He is a former high priest of Chad Nasad, that joined up with the Bregan D'aerthe.

Rico Pengallen
He is the leader of a group in search of some kidnapers. But he turns out to be more rotten than the actual kidnapers when it came to a goblin who had a heart much like Drizzt's own.

He is the patron of House Do'Urden, and no more than just a pawn.


He is the king of the svirfneblin. He makes the rules of Blingdenstone, and what he says, goes.

He is a deep gnome that plays with Drizzt when he runs away from Menzoberranzan. He is also the one that recognizes Drizzt when he comes back, and saves Drizzt from death.

Stumpet Rakingclaw
She becomes the main priest for Mithril Hall. She helps in healing Lady Alustria.

Sali Dalib
An untrustworthy merchant that lives in Memnon, that sends Drizzt and his gang in the wrong direction in order to then kill them and sell their stuff. But that plan backfires.

A shadow dragon that took over Mithril Hall. Bruenor defeats it with flare.

She is a wizardress who joins Entreri to find out if Drizzt has the Crystal Shard, and to get it back.

Shar Nadal
Drizzt takes his frustration out on this drow during the surface raid (because he killed the elven mother right in front of Drizzt) by punching him in the face.


Triel Baenre
She is the oldest Daughter of Matron Baenre, and no matter how any war goes she comes out on top.

This surface elf, accompanies Drizzt to the entrance to the Underdark. On the way, Drizzt sees a Unicorn, the symbol of Mielikki.

Terrien Doucard
He is one of the Knights of Silver, from Silvermoon, that comes to help in the war against the drow. He and Stumpet Rakingclaw go to try and find Lady Alustria when she falls from high up in the mountains.

Thibbledorf Pwent (The Battlerager)
A black bearded dwarf whose armor consist of spikes running out from everywhere; even one coming out from the top of his helm. He comes after Mithril Hall has been reclaimed and helps in the fight with the dark elves. His fighting style consist of close range fighting, biting, and trashing around.


He is a quickling that is an advisor to the whelps, and then later to McGristle.

Torlin, Son of Jerek Wolf-slayer
He and Wulfgar have to have a battle when the Sky Ponies capture them. Wulfgar wins, the escape, but the shaman of the tribe won't just let them go, and turns Torlin into a Pegasus, that can switch back and forth between planes.


He is the older of the two barghest whelps. They kill a group af farmes and try to blame it on Drizzt.

Uthegental Armgo
He is the weapon master of Barrison del'Armgo. He is the biggest and strongest drow and would create a huge problem for Pwent if it wasn't for a Harpell that forgot he was no longer a dog.


Volothamp Geddarm (Volo)

He is a traveler, author, and a Renaissance man. Drizzt saves his life when Volo and his friends lose their boat.

Valric High Eye
A barbarian shaman that Drizzt and his gang meet on the way to Mithril Hall. He turns Torlin into a Pegasus, so that he could kill these intruders to their lands.

Vendes Baenre
She takes over for Methil after he is done probing Drizzt's mind. She beats him over and over again, until he escapes, with the help of Catti-brie and Entreri, and kills her.

Vierna Do'Urden
She is the middle daughter of Matron Malice. She is also the daughter of the house wepon master, Zaknafein. She originally takes care of Drizzt, but after the fall of the house, she chases him down to try and regain the Do'Urden name.


Weeping Friars, The
These friars believe that the only way to their god is through punishment. They take Drizzt along with them to Ten-Towns as protection and company (except for brother Jankin, he just wants Drizzt to punish him). The friars end up needing him for protection, when they run into a red dragon.

Waillan Micanty
He is a young man that is trying to see the world on the boat the Sea Sprite.

Wulfgar, son of Beornegar

As a rough, young barbarian, he went with the other barbarians on the raid of Ten-Towns. What they did not expect was the towns to be ready for them. The barbarians were sorely defeated, few got away, but this young boy was left for dead and found by Bruenor who was willing to spare his life. In exchange, Wulfgar worked for Bruenor for five years. The first four years, he worked in a forge perfecting metals into weapons, then after the forth year, he was taken out and given a magical hammer, Aegis-fang, that was forged by Bruenor and was to study fighting under Drizzt. Wulfgar's first reaction concerning Drizzt's heritage was like all the rest, but he soon learned a lot from Drizzt, and would follow him to his death if that's where Drizzt took him.


Yipper Fishquisher
He is the second oar-puller on the Bottom Feeder.


Zaknafein Do'Urden

Zak was Drizzt's father, and was the first of his friends. He was the weapon master of Menzoberranzan, wielded two long swords and trained many students, even Drizzt. From Zaknafein, Drizzt learned how, and when, to fight. Zak gave his own life so that Drizzt could go free. When Matron Malice and her cronies wanted to find Drizzt and bring him back to be sacrificed to their spider queen, they had to call upon Zaknafeins fighting spirit which didn't include his previous memories, so all Zak new was his mission was to seek Drizzt out. Just when Zaknafein could have killed Drizzt, he managed to remember who Drizzt was and whilst fighting to take control over his body, plunged deep into a pool of acid so that Matron Malice could not use his spirit-wraith to hurt Drizzt again.

Descriptions by Sangendu and Mr Kyle at