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The Forgotten Realms
Places of the Forgotten Realms
Races of Faerun

Here are some Areas of the Forgotten Realms including two major Cities for most Areas.

Area of Kingdom (two largest cities)

The Sword Coast (Waterdeep, Baldur's Gate)
The Far North (Silverymoon, Mirabar)
The Moonshaes (Caer Callidyir, Caer Corwell)
Evermeet (Leuthilspar)
The North (Irabor, Elturel)
Amn (Esmeltaran, Alhktla)
Anauroch (-none-)
The Great Glacier (-none-)
Tethyr (Ithmong, Zazesspur)
Calimshan (Calimport, Memmon)
Chult (-none-)
Tapaliiya (Sheirtalar, Ithnmong)
Halruaa (-no cities-)
Vilhon Reach (Ormath, Arrabar)
Turmish (Alaghon)
Threskel (Messemprar, Shussel)
Cormyr (Suzail, Daerlun)
Sembia (Saerloon, Ordulin)
The Dales (Zhentil Keep)
Thar (-none-)
Vassa (-none-)
Damara (Heliogabalus)
Dragon Reach (Tantras, The Living City)
Impiltur (-none-)
Narfell (-none-)
Tesk (-none-)
Ashanath (Surthay)
Thay (Bezantur, Eltablar)
Aglarond (Laothkund, Timbel)
Murghom (Murghyr, Thandyl)
Unther (Unthalass, Shussal)
Mulhorand (Skuld, Gheldaneth)
Tuiren (-none-)


Place Name: Luskan, "City of Sails"
'Tangled Webs' by Elaine Cunningham.
The city is ruled by the Five High Captains (1st High Captain, 2nd High Captain, etc.). The 5 of them take turns as leader of the council (i.e. First High Captain) with the coming of every new moon and low tides to keep the five captains from becoming overly ambitious and battling to become the leader. They also oversee the trade and ambitions of Luskan.
They are under an alliance called the Lord's Alliance with Waterdeep and a few other small cities. I believe they also have a larger alliance called the Captain's Alliance with Waterdeep and the island Nation of Ruathym (west off the Sword Coast). Waterdeep forced Luskan and Ruathym to stop warring one another and to keep peace.
The Hosttower (of the Arcane) is in Luskan with many great wizards and learning mages. It is a tower resembling a tree, with 'branches' in the four cardinal directions. One wizard is the master for each 'branch.' I believe the wizard in the North 'branch' has the most authoritative power.
And, of course, Luskan has the infamously brutal Prisoner's Carnival where they publicly torture and execute prisoner's. Guilty or not, through torture they force the prisoner's to confess to their crimes.
The Cutlass is a tavern run by Arumn Gardpeck in Luskan. It is on Half Moon street.

Place Name: Luskan, "City of Sails"
A maritime merchant city, Luskan is fierce, warlike, and proud. An important port (lying at the mouth of the unnavigable river Mirar), Luskan serves as the chief transfer point for the mineral wealth of the mines of Mirabar (q.v.). The Mirar is fast, icy cold, and rocky, but a road parallels it inland to Mirabar, and down this road come many wagons of forge-bars for the markets of all Faerun. The perils of both the "High Road" (along the coast) and the "Long Road" (in the interior) south from Mirabar relegate most metal trade to ships out of Luskan.
The city's population is approximately 16,000, exclusively human, and they do not welcome visitors. The only known accommodations for travelers presently in the fortified City of Sails are The Cutlass, a notorious dive on the docks, and the Seven Sails Inn.

Place Name: Neverwinter
Description: Neverwinter, "City of Skilled Hands"
This friendly city of craftsmen bustles with business. Avoiding controversy and warfare, the city deals with the outside world largely through merchants of Waterdeep. The city is ruled by Lord Nasher, a former adventurer who gained much magic in his career and now employs it to defend himself and his bodyguard, the "Neverwinter Nine".
Most claim the city got its name from city's gardeners, who keep the city filled with fruitbearing trees even during severe winters. However, others hold that it is due to the warm waters of the Neverwinter river preventing the harbor from ever freezing.

Place Name: Port Llast
Description: On the High Road some thirty-five miles north of Neverwinter stands Port Llast, a small town mainly known for its skilled stonecutters. Port Llast is ruled by a First Captain, and is closely allied to Neverwinter (largely for protection from Luskan, who desires a more southerly harbor for its warships).
Port Llast was once of great importance to humans. When Orc tribes and hostile Duergar held the lands where Luskan now stands, it was the "Last Port" (hence its name) allowing access to the mineral riches of the North. Much of the city walls were battered down by orcs and have since been plundered for use in repairing local homes. But the shattered remnants can still be seen circling around the town to the east, in lands now used as gardens and burial grounds or let to go back to forest.

Place Name: Longsaddle
By: Sangendu
Description: This tiny agricultural village is home to the Harpell family, which has produced a number of influential mages in the North. The village elder, Ardanac Harpell, dwells in the "Ivy Mansion", the Harpell ancestral home, set high on a hill in the center of Longsaddle.

Place Name: Triboar
By: Sangendu
This small walled town is strategically located where the Long Road and Evermoor Way meet. The town elects a "Lord Protector" every seven years to lead the town militia. An able human fighter, Faurael Blackhammer, has held this post for the last thirty years. Triboar has two good smithies and a wagonmaker of note. Several ranches in the lands to the west bring their horses here to sell to travelers. Gathered armies have often set forth from Triboar to meet orc hordes pouring south out of the mountains. Triboar's name is thought to have come from a travelers's tale of slaying three boars in a day in the distant past.

Place Name: Menzoberranzan
By: Sangendu
In the darkness of the Underdark lies Menzoberranzan. A swift and certain death awaits those foolish enough to enter the dreaded city of the drow. Menzoberranzan is chaos, death, torture, vengeance and endless lust for power and illusionary respect based on fear. Menzoberranzan is a drow city in all its might and terror.
There is only one reason for Menzoberranzan's foul existence: Lolth, a malevolent goddess of chaos. The whole of the chaotic city obeys the will of Lolth, often treacherous, always evil. The drow's hearts are as black as their pitch-black skin.
There is no place for love, compassion or trust in drow-vocabulary. They are perceived as weaknesses untolerated by their unmerciful goddess. Friendship in drow-society is based on mutual benefits, on common cause. Still, whenever and however a drow is granted with a potential opportunity to murder, a drow rarely lets it pass unused. It is all about the pleasure of Lolth, which grants a status, an illusionary ranking taken away by the power-hungry drow at the first sight of potential weakness. There is no place for the weak in Menzoberranzan.
Few have entered the mirage of beauty that is Menzoberranzan, and fewer still have ever escaped the horror of it. Still, the illusionary beauty of the city and its wicked citizens is breathtaking, many have been betrayed by the magnificent lights and statues that form Menzoberranzan's facade, and all of them have been slain without mercy and without hope. The cold beauty of Menzoberranzan is far too inadequate to fill the hollow and empty hearts of drow-elves, one of the most feared races in all the world.
However, there are some sole survivors that have emerged from the dark depths of Menzoberranzan to oppose the cold might of Lolth, and have prevailed. Many of them are trapped in the drow-city, gnawed by their cruel cousins' malevolence, but strong in their hearts, nonetheless. But there are some true victors that have escaped the clutches of Lolth and her minions, have abandoned their crooked ways and run, run from the darkness that is Menzoberranzan, forever.
One of those brave hearts is Drizzt Do'Urden, son of Zaknafein Do'Urden, who ran away toward the light of the day, toward happiness and love, never looking back. And he found light, happiness and love, something that the drow are too blind to see. They see only wrath, despair and hatred.
Such is Menzoberranzan, The City of Chaos.